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Customer satisfaction in Elenia’s services improved

Elenia has 415,000 electricity distribution customers, out of which 375,000 are households, 35,000 are small and medium-sized businesses, and 5,000 are large corporations. Some 3,000 new customers were connected to Elenia’s electricity network in 2014.

Residential forms the largest customer segment, representing 85% of all customers and 40% of total transmitted energy. The second largest segment is agriculture, services and construction, constituting 14% of all customers and 30% of total transmitted energy. Industrial customers represent 1% of all customers but 22% of total transmitted energy.

Good customer service requires high competence

The positive development of Elenia’s customer service continued in 2014 as the targets in terms of service levels, customer experience and cost-efficiency were achieved. 

High-quality customer service is based on a positive employer image and satisfied personnel. Surveys indicate that Elenia’s customer service has a positive working atmosphere and a desire to serve customers. Engaging employees in the development of customer service, various flexible working methods, such as remote work, and a coaching approach to supervisory work have promoted the creation of a service culture that corresponds to Elenia’s values.

In addition to telephone and web-based services, Elenia serves its customers via mobile applications and chat. The use of social media as a service channel was strengthened during the year. By the end of 2014, some 22,000 customers had downloaded the Elenia Mukana application on their mobile device. The service enables customers to monitor their electricity consumption and invoicing, to check whether they have the electricity turned on and to report faults. The development of online services will continue based on customers’ needs and feedback.

The utilisation rate of online services and e-invoicing were actively increased. Elenia partnered with the Children’s Hospital 2017 project on a campaign in which all new customers downloading the Elenia Mukana application and switching to e-invoicing increased the size of Elenia’s donation to the project.

Strengthening of positive customer experience

Customer experiences are measured by monitoring feedback after service encounters. Based on the feedback, an increasing number of customers is prepared to recommend Elenia’s services to other people. Customer feedback is actively requested in all service situations, such as invoicing, fault situations, newly connecting customers and customer contract related services.

In an industry-wide customer satisfaction survey commissioned by the Finnish Energy Industries, Elenia’s results improved for the fourth consecutive time. Elenia’s scores were above the industry average. Customers were particularly satisfied with service situations and the service attitude of Elenia’s personnel. Customer satisfaction with communication and the speed of repairing faults also improved from the previous year.

In 2014, Elenia launched a two-year project aimed at improving customer service. The project will include the procurement and implementation of a new customer information system and an upgrade to the online services. 

During the year, Elenia participated in the development of the Finnish electricity market by participating in projects such as the national datahub survey in cooperation with other industry players. Elenia was also represented in the Finnish Energy Industries’ working group focusing on developing the future invoicing model for the electricity market. Elenia is actively involved in the development of the electricity network business and the electricity market and promotes customer-oriented development.