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Transparent and efficient service in outages

The efficiency of outage management and information services were key areas of development in 2014. Elenia’s outage management has been made transparent to customers and other stakeholders. Elenia provides its customers with real time information on outages via telephone, free text messages, mobile applications and online map service.

Elenia’s online outage map, which has been in use since 2007, was completely renewed in 2014. The map displays the status of electricity distribution within the company’s entire network area covering more than 100 municipalities. The available information covers the status of electricity distribution at the regional and municipal levels, as well as at the level of an individual outage. The map also shows the outage history for the preceding eight hours as well as planned outages due to maintenance. As smartphones and tablet devices play a key role in obtaining information during outages, the map has been optimised for mobile platforms.

The use of Elenia Mukana mobile application, which also contributes to improved service in handling of outages, continued to increase among Elenia’s customers. Customers can use the free mobile application on smartphones and tablets to check whether they have the electricity turned on. Customers can also use the application to submit online fault notifications with an attached image illustrating the site or the fault threatening the electricity network.

Improved efficiency in preparedness for major power disturbances

Since Janika storm in 2001, Elenia has operated in accordance with a preparedness plan during major electricity distribution disturbances caused by storms, snow loads and thunderstorms. The preparedness plan is developed and updated continuously.

The updated preparedness plan was submitted to the authorities in June 2014 pursuant to the Electricity Market Act. The plans submitted to the National Emergency Supply Agency describe Elenia’s preparation for major disturbances and exceptional situations, an analysis for preparedness, and a development plan for the period of 2014–2015. Normal outage situations are managed in accordance with the outage management process.

In 2014, Elenia carried out an extensive project to develop its preparedness for major disturbances. The project included training more personnel to work as network operators in the control centre especially to support operations during major disturbances. In conjunction with the project, control centre and support facilities were upgraded, and the reliability and performance of ICT systems was enhanced. A new cooperation model was tested with contractor partners to speed up the restoration of electricity distribution in the event of major disturbances.

There were no exceptionally strong storms in our operating region. The most extensive outages in 2014 were caused by thunderstorms. Otherwise the weather during the year was mostly calm.

Elenia is the only electricity company in Finland that pays voluntary compensation for outages lasting for more than six hours. This was introduced in 2009. The company pays legal and voluntary compensation to customers automatically.