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Established performance-driven cooperation with partners

Elenia has integrated its external partners and suppliers in its business processes as well as established fully operating network partnership model for distribution network construction and maintenance in Finland. Elenia Oy is a construction management and developer organisation that procures all contracting services from the open market. All on-site construction and maintenance activities are carried out by Elenia’s partners.

The general economic environment was challenging for the construction industry in 2014. Elenia has developed countermeasures in order to mitigate economic and seasonal variations in advance. Furthermore, Elenia’s contractors have developed winter construction methods for laying power cables and reducing the impact of adverse weather conditions on construction activity.

Elenia is working with several external partners which requires seamless cohesion between IT systems and interfaces. The enhanced functionalities of the enterprise resource planning system were implemented in 2014 which supports project management. Also, IT development has been continued through the implementation of mobile fieldwork solutions.

Cooperation with municipalities and other stakeholders

Elenia has a systematic way of working with its stakeholders. In 2014, Elenia arranged a great number of cooperation meetings with municipalities, telecommunications companies and other stakeholders. The goal was to synchronise Elenia’s projects with those of the other infrastructure operators. Elenia was also actively involved in developing smoother processes and practices for acquiring permits for the placement cables.

EHS activities are an integral part of daily work

Elenia holds a zero tolerance policy for accidents in its own and its partners’ operations. Environmental, safety and quality follow-up is an integral part of daily work. The lost-time injury frequency rate within Elenia’s extensive partnership network was lower than the target level in 2014. It is of the utmost importance that Elenia together with its partners promotes accurate, safe and seamless activities.