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Renewal of online services improves customer satisfaction

Customers’ interest in online services continued to increase in 2014. In particular, this was reflected in higher number of user in the outage communication and energy consumption monitoring services as well as the Elenia Mukana mobile application.

In 2014, Elenia continued to develop the usability and quality of online services and service channels in order to improve the customer experience. A revised map service was introduced on Elenia’s website to provide real time information to customers and stakeholders on outages caused by faults and maintenance.

Investments in the quality and usability of services were reflected in customer feedback. According to the results of a survey conducted in 2014, customer satisfaction with Elenia’s online services was higher than the average¹ within the electricity network industry in Finland.

Elenia believes that the number of users in online services will continue to increase. In addition, Elenia believes that new services enabled by smart grid will make its operations even more transparent and reliable while also improving the customer experience. Elenia continues to develop its services and revise its service offering in response to customer needs, making use of smart grid opportunities.

Elenia’s Smart Grid

  • Smart electrical meters for all customers
  • Real-time invoicing instead of balancing bills to promote energy efficiency
  • An hourly updated customer-specific monitoring of energy consumption online
  • A real-time online map service showing outages
  • Free notifications of power outages via text message and email
  • Elenia Mukana mobile application
  • Elenia Weatherproof map service
  • Balance settlement based on hourly power information
  • Purchasing of network losses from the market based on hourly power information
  • Compact primary substations, network automation, remote controlled separating switches and network switches
  • Secured wireless broadband at primary substations
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of low-voltage networks using remotely readable electricity meters
  • Automatic troubleshooting, fault location, isolation and supply restoration
  • Need-based maintenance of the electrical network using 3D aerial photography
  • Mobile solutions to support field work

¹ Energy sector customer satisfaction survey 2014 (IRO Research & Consulting)