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The first large-scale wind farms connected to Elenia’s network

At the end of 2014, Finland’s installed wind power capacity totalled 627 MW. The wind plants produced around 1.3% of the total consumption of electricity, which was 83.3 TWh. At the end of 2013, the total capacity of installed wind power was 449 MW, which means that the total wind power capacity increased by nearly 40% during the year.

Finland is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions in line with the EU climate goals. Wind power is renewable energy and generates practically no emissions. The National Climate and Energy Strategy of Finland was updated in 2013. The goal for electricity produced by wind power was increased to 9 TWh per year by 2025. This means increasing the production capacity to around 3,000 MW. In 2015, the increase in wind-power capacity is expected to be approximately 300 MW.

Elenia’s role in facilitating the connection of wind power to the network has become significant, as the company’s northern network region remains a strong area for wind power construction in Finland. In 2014, Elenia supplied electricity connections to four large-scale wind farms. The total capacity of the connections is approximately 150 MW. The wind power projects are:

  • Mäkikangas, Pyhäjoki. Connection capacity 33 MW.
  • Puhuri Kopsa 2, Raahe. Connection capacity 25 MW.
  • Ilmatar Windpower, Luhanka. Connection capacity 18 MW.
  • Tuuliwatti Yli-Lampi, Kalajoki. Connection capacity 73 MW.

In small-scale production, the number of network connections more than doubled in 2014. In 2014, around 65 small production plants were connected to Elenia’s network. In Finland, small-scale production can be expected to increase substantially in the coming years as production equipment develops and costs decline. A typical small-scale production connection is a solar plant with a capacity of a few kilowatts that is linked to the existing electricity connection of a residential building.