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Competent and satisfied employees

Elenia engages in systematic long-term competence development in line with its strategy. In addition to internal and external training programmes, its competence development methods include learning at work. Employees are encouraged to improve their knowledge and skills and make active use of career opportunities.

Supervisors participated in various coaching days that support supervisory work. In customer service, the training programme launched in autumn 2013 continued with a focus on the development of collaboration skills. In autumn 2014, all members of personnel took part in personality and communication coaching. The personnel also participated in training as required by their tasks and predetermined development plans.

Elenia conducted an employee survey in spring 2014. The results were discussed with employees, who also participated in planning improvements.

A new tool for monitoring training, courses and qualifications was incorporated into the HR AX system during the year.

Performance assessment discussions ensure competence

Annual goal-setting and performance assessment discussions serve to ensure that employees have clear responsibilities and goals as well as the competence to succeed.  Personal goals are based on team and company goals. Performance is evaluated in follow-up discussions, which also address competence development over the short and long term.

Everyone is responsible for well-being at work

Well-being at work and occupational safety are integral to Elenia’s corporate culture. All employees are responsible for well-being at work. The diverse range of measures to ensure well-being at work aims for a smooth flow of work and the acknowledgement of its importance, a well-functioning workplace community and the maintenance and promotion of functional capacity throughout a career.

Occupational health care at Elenia aims to maintain a safe and healthy work environment and facilitate employees’ work ability and functional capacity.  Occupational health care at Elenia exceeds statutory requirements, and services are offered in each location.

Elenia’s comprehensive and interactive concept for well-being at work brings together the various perspectives, actions and measures related to well-being at work. Its focus areas include health, appreciation, a healthy workplace community, inspiration and competence.

In 2014, all Elenia personnel participated in personality and communication coaching. Supervisors also began leadership coaching, which will continue in 2015.

Recreational activities organised by employees included exercise and cultural activities in different locations. In collaboration with HOPE, the company organised a clothes and goods collection for disadvantaged families.

With the help of external support services, Elenia’s distribution business became a non-smoking workplace in the autumn.