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High-quality occupational health and safety

Elenia aims to ensure that its employees and partners work in a safe, healthy and motivating environment. In addition to highly competent and professional employees, our safety work is based on safe equipment, processes and operating models as well as visible safety management.

In addition, Elenia provides its employees with general information on topical occupational safety and environmental issues and an opportunity to participate in training that facilitates their professional skills and competence. All employees are required to successfully complete Occupational Safety Card training and ensure that their statutory qualifications are up to date. Compliance with regulations is monitored annually. Elenia has an OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system in place.

Elenia operates in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement with the aim of being a leading company in occupational safety. In addition, ensuring safety is an integral part of our partnerships.

Key measures in the electricity distribution business in 2014

  • The occupational health and safety system based on the OHSAS 18001 standard was audited internally in May 2014 in cooperation with Elenia Lämpö Oy. No deviations were detected in the external audit.
  • We also continued to carry out safety inspections on network construction and fault repair sites according to plan. A total of 99 inspections were performed during the year across the network area.
  • We offered occupational safety training for employees as planned. Safety training for partners was monitored more effectively than before.
  • Our systematic safety event reporting was improved and covered our partner network in addition to employees. No occupational accidents involving Elenia employees occurred in 2014.
  • Elenia’s safety guide was completed and distributed to employees as well as business partners.
  • Elenia participates in the national Zero Accident forum, which promotes occupational safety at workplaces.
  • Measures related to well-being at work and occupational health were carried out according to plan.
  • The Lost Time Injury Frequency for Elenia’s own personnel and those of business partners in electricity distribution operations in 2014 was 4.3.

Key safety measures in the heating business in 2014

  • As in the previous years, we carried out many safety inspections. Management actively participated in these Safety Walk inspections. The goal was to ensure the implementation of an occupational health culture in all of our operations.
  • The occupational health and safety committee met four times during the year.
  • The number of safety observations made by personnel increased by nearly 20% compared to 2013.
  • Orientation training for fuel suppliers and other stakeholders is an important part of our operations. We revised and further developed our orientation training processes. The company adopted video as a new communication channel for orientation training practices related to safety.
  • In the heating business, our own employees’ Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) index (rolling 12 months) fell to zero in 2014. By the end of 2014, the company had operated for 560 consecutive days with no occupational accidents.